Deal Includes Leader’s El Reino Infantil, the #1 Spanish Language YouTube Network for Kids

Kobalt Signs Leader Entertainment to Global Publishing Deal

APRIL 6, 2023 - Kobalt today announced it has signed an Administration Agreement with Leader Entertainment / El Reino Infantil Network. The deal includes administration services for Leader Entertainment kids’ catalog and future releases.

Leader Entertainment creates and distributes children´s content. Not only pioneering but developing digital experiences in the market, linking the offline to online in the digital world. El Reino Infantil is the #1 Spanish Language YouTube network for kids, exceeding 200 million subscribers and more than 155 billion views worldwide. The channel ranks 12th in most viewed YouTube channels of all time. 

El Reino Infantil’s network has launched six original series/IPs -including “Zenon the Farmer” or “Bichikids”- and more than 30 series/IPs from third parties. Much of its content has been dubbed into more than eight languages. 

Commenting on the deal, Kobalt President, Latin America, Nestor Casonu, said: “Personally, the deal with Leader brings me great joy given that I was one of the founding associates of the company when it was just a record company and although I have not been a part of it for many years, I am thrilled to reconnect with them through this venture.  Kuky and his team have done an incredible job to become one of the world’s leading children's entertainment companies, with so much repertoire in so many languages. We are committed to helping them grow even further, gain more repertoire, and provide an open door for other songwriters and producers who want to join and add their creativity to this project. Aligning with Kobalt's values, we will provide them with the services of efficiency and transparency that sets Kobalt apart in the market.”

Leader Entertainment was founded in 1983 as a record company principally dedicated to the cumbia genre and featuring artists such as Ricky Maravilla, Leo Mattioli, Gilda, Los Palmeras, Ráfaga, La Konga and Maria Elena Walsh amongst others.

Today, it is one of the leading forces behind the digital and entertainment business for kids. YouTube certified El Reino Infantil with 6 Diamond Play Buttons (+10 million subscribers), 21 Golden Play Buttons (+1 million subscribers) and 47 Silver Play Buttons (+100k subscribers).

Commenting on the new deal, Kuky Pumar, CEO of Leader Entertainment, said, "We are very excited to join the Kobalt family. With El Reino Infantil, our objective was to maximize the success of our songwriters and provide them with greater opportunities for growth and expansion in the global market.  We have an audience that spans different languages, and our team of experts works hard to translate and adapt the songs in our catalog, thus ensuring greater reach and exposure. We are dedicated to distributing and expanding the reach of songs through the production of animated music videos, helping them generate income for their creators on a global scale. Working together with Kobalt, we seek to maximize the collections for each one of our songwriters and see their songs sung and danced to by children all over the world."

Leader Entertainment has expanded its horizon to all entertainment in general and, apart from Publishing, it also has other business units such as content production, consumer products, live musical shows, live experiences and promotional actions, and a wide range digital structure that allows it to study the needs of the audience on the networks and develop products globally.