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For Synch Licensing Requests
(e.g. TV, Film, Games, Theatre, Print, Charity)
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Adaptation Requests

For any release where the original work has been manipulated in some way (ex. lyric changes, translations, samples, mash-ups, etc.), approval is required. To start the approval process, and to eventually secure a license for your derivative work please contact us at [email protected]

US & Canadian Mechanical Reproduction

Mechanical rights encompass the right to reproduce a piece of music – whether it’s being released as a CD, download, etc. Please note that if your release is a straight cover a mechanical license is required. For physical copies like CD and Vinyl, and one-time digital downloads, please fill out the form here. For the rest of the world, a license can be obtained by visiting each territory’s respective collection society.

YouTube Licensing

Thank you for inquiring about rights for music with regards to YouTube. User Generated Content does not require permission from us due to our agreement with YouTube. For videos dealing with advertising goods or services, please visit our synch form here.