AwesomenessTV Partners with Kobalt to Form Partnership

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 – AwesomenessTV, the leading global Gen Z entertainment company, and Kobalt, the leading independent music services company today announced a new partnership that will revolutionize the music industry and the opportunities for young aspiring creators. The new partnership will build upon AwesomenessTV’s content creation and fan engagement expertise and Kobalt’s advanced tech-driven services across publishing, label services and neighboring rights. The alliance creates a new paradigm for current and future musicians by enabling full artist control, ownership and monetization across all creative output - music and video.

As music-related content powers a large share of video consumption, the platform will also create new opportunities for advertisers that seek to engage a mobile-first audience. Omnicom Media Group has secured a first look for its roster of high profile clients at their annual idea auction called the Final Front, hosted this year at Fox Studios.

“This partnership is an example of how we are taking on the restrictive legacy of the traditional music business and replacing it with transparent, smart, artist-friendly solutions that help creators stay in control of their careers in today’s digital world” said Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt’s founder and CEO. “AwesomenessTV has a similar DNA to Kobalt, which is why we’re certain that we’ll make a profound impact on the careers of young creators helping them with service and opportunities to grow. We are both fundamentally aligned on our most important principle - putting talent first.”

“Music is important to our Awesomeness audience and has always been an important part of our content strategy,” said AwesomenessTV Founder and CEO Brian Robbins. “With this partnership, we’ll give artists the tools to easily and independently build their own business and further engage with their fans by making great music and awesome video programming.”

Los 5, an emerging independent band in the AwesomenessTV Network and an iHeartRadio Rising Star from LA by way of Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, is the first act to benefit from the partnership.

ABOUT KOBALT Kobalt is the leading independent music services company. Kobalt’s Music Publishing, Label Services, and Neighbouring Rights divisions each offer an alternative to the traditional music business model, empowering artists, songwriters, publishers and labels with advanced technology, transparency, flexibility, ownership and control. Kobalt’s innovative technology solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy across the billions of micro-payments collected in today’s highly complex digital world. Kobalt has experienced tremendous growth year-over-year through the past decade and now serves over 8,000+ songwriters and over 500 publishing companies worldwide. Kobalt works with many of the world’s greatest artists and songwriters, representing on average over 40% of the top 100 songs and albums in both the US and UK. Kobalt has built the most trusted brand in music among music creators including Beck, Dr Luke, Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent, Dave Grohl, Max Martin, Paul McCartney, Pitbull, Sam Smith, Noah “40” Shebib, Skrillex, and others. Kobalt offers its clients a variety of services, including creative services, synch & brand partnerships, global licensing management, neighboring rights, works and rights distribution, royalty collection and processing, online data and royalty statements, record release management, and digital marketing and monetization. For more information on Kobalt, please contact:, or visit us at

ABOUT AWESOMENESSTV AwesomenessTV is a multi-platform media company owned by Comcast, Hearst and Verizon. Included under the AwesomenessTV banner are AwesomenessTV, a leading destination for original programming serving the global Gen Z audience; the ATV Network, a global creator community; Big Frame, an influencer talent management company; DreamWorksTV; Awestruck; Awesomeness Films; Wildness; as well as consumer products, music and branded entertainment divisions. AwesomenessTV was founded by Brian Robbins (Smallville, Varsity Blues, All That) and Joe Davola (In Living Color, Smallville, MTV Networks). Check out

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