We're Kobalt Music.

We exist to empower creators.

We put creators first, so you get more. More creative freedom. More transparency. More time from us. And more money, faster. 

We work for you
You focus on what you do best. We’ll handle everything else.

Local connections, global creative powerhouse

Nothing beats personal relationships. With offices from LA to Sydney to Berlin, our 40+ strong creative A&R team finds the right opportunities and collaborations for you anywhere in the world.

Music + pictures = magic

You want to be heard in commercials, TV shows, films and games. Our 50+ sync team will put your songs in front of the people who make that possible.

Get paid – fast

Payments in this industry can be confusing and complex. We streamline them. Our admin team register, track, collect and pay. So you can concentrate on your music without worrying about your money.

Transparency powered by technology

The music business is predictably unpredictable - not to mention slow. So we do things differently. We’ve built technology to keep you in the know. All your rights, all your royalties, at your fingertips.