Kobalt Technology

Revolutionary technology that makes life easier and more rewarding for music creators.

Built for you. Whether you’re a creator, manager, label, or publisher, our pioneering technology gives you total transparency, control over your career, and collects more money, faster.


The Kobalt App

The power of Kobalt in the palm of your hand. The only app that gives creators real transparency and insight into their income, synch activity, and music usage across all your rights, in real time.


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Real-time Financials

Break down your income by top earning works, right type, or country. Compare financial data across previous quarters, and find out when your next statement is due.

Personalized feed

Stay up to date on industry news and important account updates from Kobalt, including synch activity, payments, registration, and much more. Filter your feed to get the updates that matter most.

Track synch activity

From pitch to payment, keep track of every synch opportunity around the world. Favorite the synch projects you want to follow closely to stay up to date on progress.

YouTube monetization

Track how your music is being used on YouTube. Whether it’s your official video, a cover of your song, or a viral sensation, you’ll know exactly how many views we’re monetizing.

The Kobalt Portal

Powerful, transparent reporting. In-depth information and insights that you need to make better decisions about your music and your business. Tailored features for labels, publishing, and neighbouring rights. 

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All your data in one place

Gain insight into past, present and future income with comprehensive earnings metrics, global product and synch tracking, and digital activity reports.

Accounting made easy

Download statements, or create custom reports to slice your earnings and understand the breakdown by territory, source or usage type.

Powerful trend analysis

Take a deep dive into your data to uncover key trends about your music and see where you’re making money across all channels.

KTech Technology

KTech is the reason we can collect more money faster and give you unparalleled access to your data. This one-of-a-kind proprietary rights and content management platform helps us efficiently track, collect and maximize royalties for Kobalt creators. KTech’s robust data processing power handles billions of micro transactions with efficiency, and scales with increasing demands. KTech’s technology platform allows content companies to efficiently collect, process and account for the billions of micro-transactions in today’s complex digital landscape.

Learn more about KTech.


Faster & More Accurate

KTech’s advanced collection platform is able to process billions of micro-transactions daily. Using advanced data analytics and data science, KTech is the fastest matching platform in the industry.

Higher Payments

KTech’s technology allows content companies to ingest more data and identify a broader set of repertoire, generating higher royalty payments and more data to its clients.

Independent Environments

Operating with the highest standard of data separation security, KTech protects the integrity and confidentiality of its clients’ sensitive data, creating a safe and independent environment for each one.

As a songwriter and independent publisher, the Kobalt App is a dream utility. If I could only have one app on my phone it would be email, but if I could have two, the second would be the Kobalt app!


Gary Go, Artist, Producer and Songwriter for Rihanna, Skrillex, Steve Angelo, Benny Benassi, and more