Kobalt Music Announces Wave of New Global Signings In Germany

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Kobalt Music Publishing Germany Sign Exclusive Publishing Contracts With MOLI and Vito Kovach and Johannes Roemer

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 – Kobalt today announced that it has signed MOLI, Vito Kovach, and Johannes Roemer. The worldwide agreements include publishing administration, including global synch and creative services.

The artist and songwriter MOLI has achieved a lot at the age of only 22. In 2020 she won the prestigious Denniz Pop Award in the category 'International Rookie'. With more than 1.5 billion streams worldwide, she has become one of the most sought-after songwriters this year. She has co-written Topic's & A7S global hit ‘Breaking Me’ and Lost Frequencies & Zonderling's feat Kelvin Jones ‘Love To Go’ as well as releases by Zoe Wees and Michael Schulte. 

Commenting on the deal, MOLI said, “I'm so excited to have joined the Kobalt family and I can't wait to achieve great things with their incredible team.”

In addition to his own artist project, the New Zealand-born writer and producer Vito Kovach is one of the most versatile songwriters in Germany. Hits like the Latin American # 1 hit 'Déjate Llevar' by Juan Magán, Nico Santos' # 1 single 'Rooftop' and 'Strings' by SHINee's Taemin were written by Kovach. His recent success includes a #1 German single 'Rosenkrieg' by Loredana & Mozzik.

Kovach said, “Kobalt is definitely one of a kind. All the international offices are working closely together and It just feels like a big global team. I'm looking forward to the future and to celebrating mutual successes!”

Multi-instrumentalist Johannes Roemer is one of the most exciting up-and-coming writer/ producers around. Currently working out of Villa Lala in Vienna he's been working with Filous, Rhys Lewis, NVDES, Florence Arman, OSKA, Eli, Leepa, Julian le Play, and Esther Graf amongst others. 

Roemer added, “I'm really excited about working with Swantje and the rest of the team at Kobalt. After the first writing sessions, I am very happy with the understanding and sensitivity that Swantje and her team show in every situation as well as with the productive and uncomplicated way of collaborating."

Swantje Weinert, VP Creative, Kobalt GSA said, "I am very happy to have MOLI, Vito and Johannes on board at Kobalt and thankful for their trust. I am very excited to support them on their further path including their international careers with the help of our global Kobalt Creative Team consisting of more than 40 amazing colleagues."

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