YouTube Rising: 95% of Gen-Z Use YouTube & 50% Can’t Live Without It

Today, it’s pretty clear YouTube is a rather integral part of our everyday lives. Want a good laugh? Watch a funny cat video on YouTube. Looking to step up your look? Watch the latest make-up tutorial from your favorite beauty guru. Your favorite artist just released a new single? Head over to YouTube and watch the video.

Though obviously popular now, YouTube is actually expected to gain even more popularity among media consumers. Meet Generation-Z. The hot and upcoming generation (born between 1996 and 2010) taking the marketplace by storm.  

A recent research study compiled by AdWeek and Defy Media diving into the consumption habits of this new generation not only suggests YouTube will continue to be popular among the upcoming youth, but it’s actually starting to look like an obsession!

Take a look at this incredible infographic originally showcased on AdWeek for a full market research recap into the lifestyle and media consumption habits of the newest content consumers — Generation Z.

Data Generation Now 20171

Source: Defy Media Acumen Survey & AdWeek
Infographic: 50% of Gen Z ‘Can’t Live Without YouTube’ and Other Stats That Will Make You Feel Old

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