Welcoming Rock and Blues Legend Gregg Allman to the Kobalt Fam

We're happy to announce that our new deal with the estate of rock and blues pioneer, Gregg Allman. The worldwide agreement includes publishing administration and global synch services for all of Gregg Allman's works, which include songs with The Allman Brothers Band and his solo career.

This is the first change in administration for the catalog in more than 15 years and the first time it will be represented throughout the world.

Said Kobalt Music Executive Vice President, Business Development, Merril Wasserman-Serling, “Gregg and The Allman Brothers Band legacy is rich with great music that should be recognized for music generations to come. His iconic catalog transcends time and many music categories. Our global creative and sync team will breathe new life into these songs from decades ago, to be heard by new and old fans alike around the world.”

Added Kobalt Music Senior Vice President, Commercial Synch, Keith D’Arcy, “Gregg Allman's fans have a deep and personal connection to the man that goes beyond the music and right to the heart of who Allman was as a person. He was, as the song says, ‘no angel’, but through all his ups and downs he stayed true to himself, his family, his band, and to those dedicated fans. The music supervision community is no different. We will endeavor to find and foster the music supervisor fans, and to make new converts, as we market not only his songs but the stories, the passion, and the honesty that defined his remarkable life in music.”      

Gregg Allman was undoubtedly among rock and roll’s greatest and most significant artists, his soul-fired and still utterly distinctive voice one of the defining sounds in all of American music. From his founding role in the one and only Allman Brothers Band to his long and storied solo career, Allman consistently proved himself to be an iconic singer-songwriter and exceptional practitioner of the American blues tradition. Allman accrued a remarkable list of honors over his five decade career, including the ABB’s 1995 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Allman detailed his brilliant career in 2012’s acclaimed memoir, “My Cross To Bear.”

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