Life@Kobalt: How to Design a Killer App for Artists with Andy Haji


Catching up with the man behind the user experience and design of an app keeping thousands of artists happy — the AWAL App. 

A Year of Transparency: Celebrating the Kobalt App’s 1st B-Day

0000001 Kobalt App Turns 1 1200X800

It's the Kobalt App's 1st birthday and we decided to celebrate by talking to a few of our clients to see how the app has impacted them over the last year. 

Music Week explores the Apps that are changing the music industry

0000000001 Music Week App Kobalt V3

Music Week recently went on a journey to find the best apps out there in the music industry which lead them to our very own Kobalt and AWAL Apps.

The Experiment: Putting Kobalt Technology to the Test

1 Experiment

We talk a lot about technology — why it matters to creators and how it helps the music industry grow — but in today’s post, we want to show you results.

How Kobalt Helps Creators Capitalize on YouTube

Youtube Lead

Creators should not shy away from YouTube; instead, they should capitalize on the increasing viewership and escalating view counts to grow another revenue stream and engage their fans. Through Kobalt’s unique system, we reduce inefficiencies in the process of claiming User-Generated Content (UGC) to increase the amount of money our clients see from video. YouTube is here to stay, and Kobalt has been uniquely positioned to help creators of all sizes take advantage of it.