U.S. Music Mid-Year Report: The Growth of Streaming Consumption in 2017

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While overall audio consumption is up this year at about 9%, the most significant gains have been made by the music industry's golden child — streaming services.

How Independent Artists Break Through the Noise in 2017

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More music is being released by more artists than ever before in 2017. Take a look at how independent labels are helping artists break through the noise and build careers. 

Welcome to the Hall of Fame: A Look Back at Max Martin’s Greatest Hits

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A look back at some of the greatest Max Martin number 1 chart-toppers of all time in order to celebrate his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

The Power of Playlists for Independent Artists

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Today’s definition of “breaking” in music, is different than it was twenty, or even five years ago for that matter. To break and establish a career in today’s music industry, artists need to understand the importance of playlists.

A Conversation with Music Managers on the Importance of Streaming Data & Insights

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Music Managers Forum kicked off a huge assembly featuring discussions led by some of our own Kobalt family for the purposes of helping music managers to demystify streaming data, and better understand success drivers to help creators take action with unique data insights.