Willard Ahdritz Speaks at Collision: Kobalt’s Plan to Regrow the Music Industry

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Willard sat with The Economist’s Gady Epstein to discuss why the music industry has significantly declined in market size, and how technology has led a massive positive evolution and revival for artists, music companies, and DSPs, alike.

The Experiment: Putting Kobalt Technology to the Test

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We talk a lot about technology — why it matters to creators and how it helps the music industry grow — but in today’s post, we want to show you results.

Kobalt Named in Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Music Companies of 2017

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We are both proud and honored to be named one of Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Music Companies of 2017

Welcoming Skindred to the Kobalt Family

1 Skindred Signing

SKINDRED just signed a deal in which Kobalt, along with recently acquired Fintage House, will oversee all global publishing and neighbouring rights for the group.

What Are Neighbouring Rights, and Why Should Creators Care?

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In the world of royalty collections, neighbouring rights are an important part of maximizing revenue for a creator. As income sources in the music industry shift in some areas and decline in others, there has been increasing focus on new income streams. That’s where neighbouring rights comes in. But what exactly are they and, more importantly, who is entitled to this income?