Life@Kobalt: Connecting the Dots Between Technology & Creative with Laurent Hubert


We chat with Laurent Hubert, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Kobalt Music Group, about the crucial relationship between technology and creative in publishing.

Synch Spotlight: Week of December 11th


Welcome back to another Synch Spotlight: the digest where we keep you up-to-date on some of the latest and greatest placements made by our very own Kobalt Synch Team!

Welcoming Tash Sultana to the Kobalt Family

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 At 10 00 07 Am

Welcoming the incredible, Australian breakthrough artist Tash Sultana to the Kobalt Family!

Welcoming First Aid Kit to the Kobalt Family

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 At 1 12 58 Pm

We’re extremely excited to welcome Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit, to the Kobalt family in time to release their upcoming fourth full-length album — Ruins.

Kobalt Songwriter Amy Kuney on Writing with Her Own 'American Idol'

Amy Kuney Kobalt Spotlight 1200X800 V1

Growing up, Kelly Clarkson was the soundtrack to many of Amy Kuney's formative moments. Contributing two tracks to Clarkson's latest release, Meaning of Life, brought Kuney back to where it all began.