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Synch Spotlight: Week of June 12th

This week on the Synch Spotlight watch and listen to a range of trailers, promos, and ads which will lead you to a wild story of guns, drugs, and money laundering in American Made, a heart racing car chase in the all-new crossover Toyota C-HR, a touching ode about self-pride from Salesforce and more. 

1. Proudly Me — Salesforce 

“Blackout” by Freya Ridings, Kobalt Music Recordings, Kobalt Writer: Freya Ridings

2. Gingerbread Man | The All-New Toyota C-HR Crossover — Toyota

Video not found

“Undefeated” by American Gentlemen, Kobalt Writers: Christopher Umana, Brandon Saller

3. American Made 

“Give Me The Gold” by American Gentlemen, Kobalt Writers: Brandon Saller, Christopher Umana


“Yeah You Wanna Do It” by Champions Of Justice, Kobalt Writers: Dennis White

4. Turn Your Back On Verizon & Switch To T-Mobile Today — T-Mobile 

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“Always Something There To Remind Me” by Naked Eyes (Kobalt Music Recordings)

5. C9 Champion: A New Kind Of Strong — Target 

Video not found

“Break A Sweat” by Becky G, Kobalt Writers: Henry Walter, Chloe Angelides, Lukasz Gottwald, Emily Schwartz, Gamal Lewis, Jacob Hindlin

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