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Synch Spotlight: Week of July 7th

This week on the Synch Spotlight watch and listen to a range of promos and ads which will lead you to the stages of this year's Ubisoft E3, an epic backyard barbecue banger with the Chicago Bulls, and more.  

1. The Chicago Bulls Summer Promo

“Diggy” by Spencer Ludwig, Kobalt Writer: Spencer Ludwig

2. Old Navy 4th of July Promo

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“Sax” by Fleur East, Kobalt Writers: Edvard Foerre Erfjord, & Henrik B. Michelsen

3. Okja

1Okja.jpg?mtime=20170707234551#asset:5353“Annie’s Song” by John Denver, Kobalt Writer: John Denver

4. Ubisoft E3 2017 Wrap Up

“My Mind Is” by NVDES (feat. Oliver Tree), Kobalt Music Recordings

5. Pepsi MAX Promo

“Cerebral” by Boys Noize & Pilo, Kobalt Writers: Alexander Ridha, & James Ward

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