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Savan Kotecha Talks Music Publishers with Music Business WorldWide

Music Business Worldwide (MBW) has just launched a wildly exciting new series on their website — World’s Greatest Songwriters. That’s the kind of story we like to read! Over the year, MBW will be sitting down with some of today’s most renowned songwriters in order to celebrate the hardworking composers behind the globe’s biggest hits.

Kicking off the new series with a bang, this month, MBW talked with perhaps one of the most successful songwriters in the industry — Savan Kotecha. As MBW Editor Tim Ingham pens it, “If there’s a pop melody stubbornly refusing to leave your inner-ear right now, there’s a fair chance it was written by Savan Kotecha.” Savan is the lyricist behind a many of today’s biggest hits such as Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side,” One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” and Katy Perry’s “Rise.”

As comes with no surprise, a man with such a striking track record had a lot to share about his experiences in the music industry. Savan takes readers through it all from his biggest influencers, to the greatest lessons he’s learned, all the way down to what publishers he favors and why.

When it comes to publishers, Savan explained “I have a couple of publishing companies which operate through Kobalt. I believe in Willard [Ahdritz, Kobalt CEO], I think his intentions are great.” Savan elaborates even further sharing: 

“I look in Willard’s eyes and I believe his passion about songwriters and fairness. Kobalt is so transparent; it makes you wonder why some other companies aren’t quite so transparent. Kobalt is great, easy to deal with and their synch team is incredible.”

Accounts like these couldn’t make us anymore happy and proud. It’s our mission to not only arm creators with the tools and services they need to succeed in today’s music industry, but to also provide them with the complete transparency necessary to put their minds at ease — allowing them to realize they have more than just a music publisher backing them, but a real partner. Thank you so much for the kind words, Savan, we look forward to continuing the journey together!

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