Kobalt Fam Wins Big at the 60th Annual Grammys

Grammy 2018 V2 1

We're so excited for our clients and friends who took home golden gramophones Sunday. Check out the full list of Kobalt winners from the 60th Annual Grammy Awards!

7 Key Takeaways From Nielsen's 2017 US Year-End Music Report

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From vinyl to streaming, here's what happened in the music industry in the United States last year according to Nielsen's end-of-year report.

15 Most Popular Kobalt Blog Posts of 2017

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To bid farewell to 2017, take a look back at the 15 most popular posts on the Kobalt blog this year!

50 Most Powerful Music Industry Quotes of 2017

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Wrap up 2017 by reflecting on these 50 powerful music industry quotes from artists, managers, tastemakers, and more that sum up the year and point to what's coming next.

Music Consumption Behavior of the New Generation — Gen Z

Gen Z Music Discovery V2 1

Though Millennials often steal the spotlight as trendsetters and tastemakers, they're quickly becoming usurped by a new generation that's influencing the way music is consumed — Generation Z.