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Music Week explores the Apps that are changing the music industry

Any idea how many mobile apps there are in the world? Take a guess. 1 million? Not quite. 2 million? Getting warmer. 3 million? Now you’re on target! That’s right, according to a recent study conducted by Statista.com there are close to 3 million apps out there.

In their most recent issue, Music Week, one of the leading trade media brands in the music industry for over 50 years, attempted to sift through the millions of apps out there in the app-iverse and uncover the most useful apps available in the music market.

Their endeavors to find the best of the best apps out there in the music industry inevitably lead them to one place — our very own Kobalt and AWAL Apps.

“ The Kobalt App is a window into Kobalt’s powerful tech platform, collecting more money, faster for its clients than any other music publisher. ”

Willard Ahdritz



While there are a number of desktop apps available in the streaming analytics space, the AWAL App received recognition for such in-depth insights on a mobile version. Beyond the depth of data that the AWAL App provides, what really made it stand out from the rest is its ability to spark actions in it’s users. The AWAL App does more than just show data, it helps artists understand data and empowers them to take smarter courses of action based on the insights they’ve gained


001-kobalt_app_1_1200x1000.jpg?mtime=20170809193514#asset:5903What gained the Kobalt App entry into Music Week’s exclusive app feature is the level of publishing income data it makes accessible to users. It is the only music publishing app that promises total transparency and actually delivers. It stands as the only app that allows creators to view all their rights globally and see how each song, by right type, directly translates into income. The Kobalt App has also seen sizable recognition for its newsfeed feature which takes an active approach in keeping creators informed on important account updates like synch activity, payments, registration, and more.

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