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[Mis]Conceptions Episode 1: Rogét Chahayed & Kurtis McKenzie

Music is universal. A hit, undeniable. But, as they span languages and locations, evoking emotion and changing culture, some things get lost in translation. The more popular the song, the more misunderstood the creativity behind it. In [Mis]Conceptions: where creators set the record straight,” we sit down with some of Kobalt’s most influential songwriters and producers for an exploration of their creative processes—challenges, criticisms, and all

Here, producers Rogét Chahayed (DRAM, Miguel, Travis Scott,) and Kurtis McKenzie (Maroon 5, Migos, Zacari) candidly discuss exactly what it takes to make a hit record today. One's classically trained. The other learned how to make beats in his bedroom. Both are nominated nominated for Grammys. This is [Mis]Conceptions: where creators set the record straight.

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