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Introducing the Kobalt App

We are excited to unveil the new Kobalt App, giving music creators real transparency and insight into their income, synch activity, and music usage in real time.

Creators are the future of music, and we believe that it’s in the music industry’s best interest to create a better future for them. 

Based on the Kobalt Portal, the Kobalt App is a window into Kobalt’s powerful tech platform, collecting more money, faster for its clients than any other music publisher. With the new Kobalt App, clients can:

  • Stay up to date with industry news and important updates directly from Kobalt
  • Track where and how their music is being used on YouTube
  • See the money they’re making in real-time, and break down income by top earning works, right type, and territory
  • Keep track of every synch opportunity around the world, from pitch to payment

Intro Kobalt App

Speaking about the app, Kobalt founder & CEO Willard Ahdritz had this to say:

“Putting the power of Kobalt into the hands of creators has always been a top priority for me. Today’s music creators deserve the same transparent, on-demand access to their data that most other industries already have. The Kobalt App is a giant step toward delivering that for our clients. The feedback we are getting from our clients is incredible - no one has seen anything like this before! This is the only app that delivers true transparency for creators.”   

This is the next step in giving creators real-time access into their data, all with full transparency and efficiency. No matter where they are in the world, creators can stay up-to-date, from the comfort of their phone.

The Kobalt App: the power of Kobalt in the palm of your hand.

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