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Introducing the Kobalt Blog

We’re excited to introduce our new blog as a way to share what we’re thinking about at Kobalt, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. We’re going to be creating and curating a variety of posts and content  ranging from day-to-day news, breaking down industry trends, helping creators understand and grow their careers, and what Kobalt is doing to shape the future of music. 

At Kobalt, we believe that creators come first. We pride ourselves on being the music services company of the future, one that gives artists, songwriters, musicians, labels, and publishers the freedom and transparency they need to build their careers. That’s why we believe that education is so important; only when everyone is educated can we push the music industry forward.

Whether it’s our Synch team explaining how football games get their soundtracks, or our YouTube experts walking through the challenges and opportunities on the video giant, or even our Founder & CEO Willard Ahdritz’s thoughts on the growth of streaming, our team has crafted posts that will help you understand the key issues, the music industry, and Kobalt.

We also want to keep you posted on on our successes and our stories; from the smallest wins to how we’re breaking ground for our creators.

Got anything specific you want to know about? Shoot us a line at!

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