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Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Released Through Paramount Pictures via Kobalt Music Recordings

Last week, the modern day remake of Ghost in the Shell was released in theaters worldwide, and with it, came the release of the film-inspired soundtrack, through Paramount Pictures via Kobalt Music Recordings. We thought we’d take this chance to congratulate the members of our Kobalt family that were involved in this awesome collaboration, including Chris Lakey (Compilation Producer), Jeannette Perez (Compilation Producer), and Mike Nobrega (Marketing Director).

The soundtrack for the modern day remake of the Japanese anime classic assembles an eclectic group of talented electronic music icons, including Steve Aoki, DJ Shadow, Gary Numan, Above & Beyond, and many more. The soundtrack opens with Steve Aoki’s epic 21st century remix of Kenji Kawai’s 1995 original theme “UTAI IV-Awakening” and closes with the original version of the song. Between the first and last songs exists a wide variety of chord climbing ambient musical instrumentations (“Scars” by DJ Shadow & Nils Frahm), to heavy hitting covers that pay homage to Depeche Mode (“Enjoy the Silence” by Ki: Theory). A few of the tracks on the album premiered on outlets like Spin, Pitchfork, Empire, and Dancing Astronaut.

Give your ears a treat with our Spotify playlist, then check out the visual playlist of the soundtrack, commissioned by the film’s director Rupert Sanders.

Congratulations again to our Kobalt family for this awesome achievement!

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