Kobalt Songwriter Amy Kuney on Writing with Her Own 'American Idol'

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Growing up, Kelly Clarkson was the soundtrack to many of Amy Kuney's formative moments. Contributing two tracks to Clarkson's latest release, Meaning of Life, brought Kuney back to where it all began.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame: A Look Back at Max Martin’s Greatest Hits

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A look back at some of the greatest Max Martin number 1 chart-toppers of all time in order to celebrate his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

Creative Growth, Mentorship, and Simplicity with David Margolis and Lucas Keller


We recently got the chance to speak with David M. and Lucas to explore exactly how they’ve worked with Kobalt to establish this creative ethos, and why it’s so important to help creators develop through data and mentorship.

Music Week Names Kobalt 2017 Publisher of the Year

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The winners of the Annual 2017 Music Week Awards were announced yesterday, and we're honored to announce that Kobalt Music Publishing was awarded with this year's Publisher of the Year Award! 

Jackson Morgan, K-Kov, and Keith Urban: How A Dream Team Came Together with Kobalt

Keith Urban Press

Sue Drew, our GM of Creative and Acquisitions, shares how our team put together a promising young songwriter, a talented producer on the rise, and one of the biggest stars in country music.