'Say You Won’t Let Go': A 'Strange' Hit's Journey to the Top with Songwriter Steve Solomon

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When Steve Solomon co-wrote James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go," he never knew if it would make it out of the demo phase. Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how this worldwide smash came to be.

Kobalt Songwriter Amy Kuney on Writing with Her Own 'American Idol'

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Growing up, Kelly Clarkson was the soundtrack to many of Amy Kuney's formative moments. Contributing two tracks to Clarkson's latest release, Meaning of Life, brought Kuney back to where it all began.

Artist Spotlight: VÉRITÉ

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Independent artist and Kobalt publishing client VÉRITÉ shares how she developed her career and earned 135 million digital streams after releasing her first single on AWAL in 2016.

Savan Kotecha Talks Music Publishers with Music Business WorldWide

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In a chat with Music Business Worldwide, renowned songwriter Savan Kotecha shared some of his positive personal insights on music publishing. 

Billboard Q&A: Kobalt Founder and CEO Willard Ahdritz

Willard Ahdritz Willard Ahdritz

Willard Ahdritz spoke with Billboard's Richard Smirke about Kobalt.