Why The Music Industry Needs A New Digital Collections Society

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Digital streaming is here to stay, but the current way its royalties are being tracked needs to go. We're diving into why the music industry needs a new type of digital collections society. 

How Kobalt Helps Creators Capitalize on YouTube

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Creators should not shy away from YouTube; instead, they should capitalize on the increasing viewership and escalating view counts to grow another revenue stream and engage their fans. Through Kobalt’s unique system, we reduce inefficiencies in the process of claiming User-Generated Content (UGC) to increase the amount of money our clients see from video. YouTube is here to stay, and Kobalt has been uniquely positioned to help creators of all sizes take advantage of it.

How Do Your Favorite Football Games Get Their Soundtracks?

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Your home team just capped off a 90-yard drive with a touchdown pass to your favorite player. You’re excited and pumped up; with this win, you might just make the playoffs! As the game goes to commercial, your level of excitement is matched by the song playing on the game: "Take It All" by Pop Evil. Everything seems right in the world.

Here Comes The Golden Age of Music

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Why should music, which is beloved by people in every culture, across every language and corner of the globe, be anything less than an economic powerhouse?