The Evolution of Streaming and Radio in 2017

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While terrestrial radio is still an important part of any artist’s career trajectory, streaming offers new avenues to get music heard, sell albums, and build fanbases.

U.S. Music Mid-Year Report: The Growth of Streaming Consumption in 2017

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While overall audio consumption is up this year at about 9%, the most significant gains have been made by the music industry's golden child — streaming services.

How Independent Artists Break Through the Noise in 2017

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More music is being released by more artists than ever before in 2017. Take a look at how independent labels are helping artists break through the noise and build careers. 

Life@Kobalt: Talking the Evolution of Neighbouring Rights with Ann Tausis


A chat with Billboard's International Power Player & KNR head, Ann Tausis, on why neighbouring rights are becoming increasingly so important, how the landscape is evolving, and ultimately what that will mean for today’s creators.

YouTube Rising: 95% of Gen-Z Use YouTube & 50% Can’t Live Without It


Though obviously popular now, YouTube is actually expected to become an even more integral part of the the upcoming Generation Z's everyday life. Check this awesome infographic to see how massive it will become.