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AWAL's 2016 Year in Review

Today is a pretty big day for AWAL, as they unveil their very first Year in Review: a unique microsite that showcases all song trends and insights of 2016 for AWAL members across varying major streaming platforms.

The microsite analyzes individual song data from AWAL’s 20,000 artist members, combined with general industry streaming data, to show listening patterns in 2016 as well as predict what will be hot in 2017.

Some breakout AWAL artists highlighted from last year include FRENSHIP, VERITE, Calum Scott, NEIKED, and many more.

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The microsite breaks down into the following sections:

AWAL in 2016

●   Spotlights AWAL’s most popular tracks and biggest artists, broken down by genre.

Music in 2016

●   Highlights interesting industry trends such as most engaged genres, playlist behaviors, and time/day listening patterns.

AWAL in 2017

●   Features AWAL’s hottest trending tracks for 2017 and creates a personalized Spotify playlist based on the users Spotify activity.

Go check it out! You can find AWAL’s Year in Review here: 2016.awal.com 

Coming off such a huge 2016, we can hardly wait for all the big things AWAL’s got in store for us this year!

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