Talking Music, Data, and the AWAL App with Oskar Ekman, YEAR0001


The AWAL App was launched about a month ago, providing members unique insights to their streaming data. One of the App’s most engaged users includes Oskar Ekman, co-founder and artist manager at the independent record label YEAR0001.

Synch Spotlight: Week of April 14th

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Welcome back to another Synch Spotlight: the digest where we keep you up-to-date on some of the latest and greatest placements made by our very own Kobalt Synch Team!

Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Released Through Paramount Pictures via Kobalt Music Recordings

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Last week, the modern day remake of Ghost in the Shell was released in theaters worldwide, and with it, came the release of the film-inspired soundtrack, through Paramount Pictures via Kobalt Music Recordings.

Music Week Names Kobalt 2017 Publisher of the Year

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The winners of the Annual 2017 Music Week Awards were announced yesterday, and we're honored to announce that Kobalt Music Publishing was awarded with this year's Publisher of the Year Award! 

A Closer Look at AWAL: What is a Streaming Label?

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As you may have heard last week, Kobalt’s streaming label, AWAL, launched a new app that gives independent artists unique insight into their streaming data. While this might be one major perk to being an AWAL member, it’s not the only one. Read on to find out how AWAL helps artists get the most out of streaming.