With offices in London, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, Stockholm and Atlanta, as well as agents in over 20 major territories, Kobalt Music Group is the leading independent music publisher and music services company offering unparalleled transparency, online global copyright administration, creative and synch/licensing services, digital collections, label services, neighbouring rights management and pipeline advances to artists, writers, publishers, labels and other rights holders. Kobalt directly collects from 37 territories worldwide, administering more than 250,000 copyrights worldwide on behalf of over 1,200 content holders including the world's top songwriters, artists and other music publishers.

Company History

In 2000 Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Music Group's Founder and CEO, had a vision for a more modern, efficient and transparent music publishing model that would better service the needs of the songwriter and copyright holder. Ahdritz's experience as the founder of Telegram Publishing, as well as his 10-year management consulting experience for major companies in the financial and transportation sectors, helped him recognize how administration models from other industries, such as financial services companies, could be applied to manage the complex information flow in the global collections process. That vision for Kobalt Music Group was brought together as a co-investment with New Media Spark, the London listed investment group. As part of the initial arrangements, Kobalt Music Group acquired Diesel 2 Publishing and Management AB, a Swedish- based music publishing company founded in 1993 with an established music copyright catalogue which further enhanced the creative expertise in Kobalt.

The Kobalt Model

Collection of royalties has traditionally been time-consuming and costly. Usually writers receive publishing royalties 9-24 months after they are earned and pay a significant amount of up to 50% of gross royalties in payments to intermediaries including collection societies. In addition, the traditionally opaque and complex reporting has made it near impossible for the writers to know if the collected royalties are correct or comprehensive. Kobalt has developed centralised, automated and efficient administration services supported by a scalable, proprietary, dedicated system using the latest technology. As a result of Kobalt's innovative approach, Kobalt offers a reduction in royalty collection time of up to 50%, more effective collection as well as substantially improved transparency.

Additionally, when copyright holders and songwriters need money, music publishers usually offer them monetary advances contingent upon the copyright holder giving up part ownership in their works. However Kobalt provides the ability for clients to inexpensively obtain pipeline advances as needed and flexible rates without having to give up rights or secure long term deals. When this is combined with personalised creative/A&R, and synchronisation services for the client from our responsive, experienced global teams, Kobalt is clearly the best choice for managing your copyrights.


Kobalt has expanded from its publishing base into Label Services and Neighbouring Rights collection with the intention of rolling out the same high levels of service, transparency and cutting edge technology seen its publishing services.